New Viewbooks

January 8, 2021

What’s a viewbook?

A viewbook or a lookbook is a document that gives an overview of a product or service. In our case, we have a lookbook for our On-Campus school and Crown Online. These books are intended to tell Crown’s story in a compelling way and help an interested prospective student take the next step towards Crown if they think it is a good fit. Both versions have a digital version on our hosting site Issuu, though they are unlisted. This is because we offer access to the book if people are willing to fill out a lead form. The On-Campus viewbook also has a print version which can be handed out at fairs or when students visit if they want a physical copy.


Flip-through the digital viewbooks

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On-Campus Viewbook

View the On-Campus viewbook on Issuu

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Crown Online Viewbook

View the Crown Online viewbook on Issuu

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