November 18, 2020

We are simplifying

Signatures can be a helpful way for people to understand where an email is coming from and give clues to the recipient about the company. At best they are present and helpful. At worst, they are distracting, confusing, or cumbersome.

In the past, our signatures included a lot of imagery which at times could cause issues with attachments. This was true when forwarding or replying to an email and adding an attachment. At times there could be 8-10 attachments, not including the pertinent attachment we were trying to actually get through.

Our new signatures are simple, clear, and unified. The hope is that people can easily tell where the email is coming from while also being able to see whatever documents were attached.

We fully expect that the signatures will change over the coming years as we establish a more consistent voice and brand. However, this is a great first step in unifying the look and feel of emails and making the platform more usable.

You can transform your signature today.